Freshly cut
Its red, I close my eyes, its on my bed
The fragrance is pronounced at your hand
And your heart announced the art
With the wind, your voice is snide
I wish to slide and grab the rose
But my stomach, filled
The cliff…oops, of the fall, I’m frightened.

Get a ladder
As you climb, I’ll roll down
Case it, embosom too
The stairs are weaker up here, but I can get the flower
Gravity, so strong but I’ll swim in the air
Hoping you would too.

Slammed I watch as the fragrance
is dimmed
Not in the valley
On the twinning cliff
My fall is free but empty


A teacher

It is okay to be peculiar.
Of nerdness is no offense;
This is what I sought of you.
To prostrate you knew not but to acquiesce you were prone.
To beat the absolution that you are acquainted.

Motivation determines what we do, they say, but natural selection spited that for you; just like a characin your character.
To culminate was the retribution the sentient being advertently decided.

Your virtue is intriguing and time couldn’t allow for more.
Its euphemistic, must have taken decades to conceptualize.
Hoping the Euphemistic will uplift.
His breath, A pitched compelling order; follow

Broken Angel

It is unheard of
It was unsaid, in my heart it was,
My heart can conceive much to the brim
This was the least overflow
The procrastination nauseated my bosom,
A ghoul, of your words, I turned
I couldn’t talk, I am dumb.
Your lips thwarted the sea on my head
Impeded, no hope, not with the soulless

Nailed on the predicament, pondering
Unmoved by the storming wishes
It is tumultuous and still embosomed deeper
Hard to embrace, though my face glitters
My mouth snows to subjugate my new life
Void, yet full of new worries
The heart so hesitant, as it were when I first looked
into your eyes

I sit on the same spot, with a different story
Zero chains, I tightly hold my pillows
My eyes are dry, its comfy
I take a nap


#simple smile

I Still Remember

I still remember the day
Just as it were today
The hearts spoke, such a sensational tone
It was sultry I must say
You held my hand and the voice grew louder
The world dawned and I run speechless
The wind blew, the birds chirped to cheer
The journey was midway only that this day was
exceptional I had you to hold me
It was strong and enthralling.

There we sat looking at each other
All at stand still, the wind had calmed yet the
the storm at the hearts became turbulent
You smiled
I smiled back as you squeezed my hands
And this time I felt the warmth.
You looked into my eyes, I looked into yours too
We let the eyes talk too
Soft gentle talk it was with the lips pinned

You looked at my lips and so did I
Soft, they appeared
The best thing that had ever happened to me
They moved and said what the heart spoke
It was late I had to attend my homework
You smiled
I waved


N the reality slowly but surely dawned
A single treasure that was hidden far and from the norm
A single promise that meant a whole lot more
A relationship that surpassed all others
A friend that I compare to no other
Above the wails of sadness n the thunderous laughter of joy
Above the tears of disappointment to the embrace of loyalty
A true friend that not once forgot about me
N that’s y he comes first in the list
I’ll call him “BAE” with one clear meaning
Before Anybody Else that’s what he’ll forever be
So despite all the ups n downs
From the echoes of time to the still voice of nothingness
I’ll chant his name up loud
For his friendship would last throughout the servitudes of time.